Colleen Schmidt, owner and proprietor of Thread Lounge and PJ'S 2 GO,  has a passion for world-travel, storytelling and handmade textiles. Has stepped out of her PJ business for the last 8 years and created a brilliant gem of her  world travels at 724 Valencia, she named it thread

On tireless gathering missions, she has been fortunate enough to cross paths with exceptional designers the world over and be inspired by their industry and artistry. Having forged alliances with countless creative communities abroad, after traveling the world she longed to connect back with her pjs clients and creativity that it brought to her. And re- launched pj’s 2 go fall 2014.

So the mix of pj’s 2 go & thread lounge will bring the globe to that space, offering a carefully-curated selection of hand made items from around the world, and an intimate setting for related cultural events. Small parties and lectures relevant to the crafts and communities represented in the shop will be presided over by scholars and artists. Sales and events focused on various regions of the globe will be rolled out in rotation from now through the holiday season. A portion of proceeds from sales will be plowed back into the cottage industries from which many of the goods are sourced, empowering under-served craftspeople in Africa, Asia and the Sub-Continent. In addition, celebrated American artists and designers will collaborate with PJ’S 2 GO and Thread Lounge, offering limited edition original designs... So included in this package are our favorite world pieces and our new launch of pjs